As a Christian community we are excited about gathering on Sundays for worship, community and teaching, but we are much more than an event or a service.  Our ambition is to serve God in the world throughout the week, in every part of our lives and in every situation that we find ourselves in.  We are learning to keep our focus on Jesus and to apply his teaching to our lives as honestly and authentically as we can. 

Jesus is more than a great teacher to us.  We have come to see him as the source of our freedom, our forgiveness, our healing, our security, our hope, our happiness.  He is everything to us and so our worship and gratitude is not limited to Sundays.  We seek to enjoy him every day and in every circumstance no matter what the weather and we want to participate in his life-giving purposes in business, at home, in retirement, on the streets, or at college.  We want the whole of our lives to matter and to see God changing lives.

We’d love to welcome you to any of our services, our activities and our community.  We do hope that you will feel able to join us soon.




We have four services on Sundays,
each with a different feel and emphasis to help us all
connect, belong and grow.
Come at 10am and 6pm for coffee and tea.


A traditional and reflective communion service up in the chancel

10.30 HEATH

A warm, generously mixed pattern of Anglican worship at the wonderful Heath Church


A relaxed contemporary service
with worship, teaching and ministry and amazing children’s and youth groups


An informal gathering for worship, teaching and ministry in the Church Centre