Sacred Rhythms

Spiritual Disciplines open us to God’s transforming love and the changes that only God can bring about in our lives. Intentional about discipleship we want to encourage each other in arranging our lives in such a way as to make this Spirit led transformation as likely as possible. We call these ‘Sacred Rhythms’.

This series of teachings is designed to introduce you to a wide range of spiritual practices and disciplines that will deepen your life in God and enrich your soul. The idea is to take your time as you learn and experiment with these ancient ‘rhythms’ and gradually introduce them into your own weekly routine and annual patterns.

Based on the work of Ruth Hayley Barton, over the course of a year you will discover more about:

  • SOLITUDE – A foundational spiritual practice that enables us to create space for God
  • SCRIPTURE – Learning how to read the bible in order to encounter God at a deeper level
  • PRAYER – Growing in dependence and intimacy with God and learning to consciously live in his presence more of the time
  • THE GIFT OF YOUR BODY – Engaging with the realities of being human, of being male and female and of being vulnerable and mortal
  • SELF-EXAMINATION – Learning how to bring your whole self before God and to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses
  • DISCERNMENT – Recognising and responding to the presence of God in our lives and learning how to hear God more clearly
  • SABBATH / REST – Establishing a weekly rhythm of work and rest that sustains and gives meaning to our lives
  • RULE OF LIFE – Developing a way of living, or a ‘rule of life’, that will enable us to become more like Jesus over time