Missional Communities

Missional Communities are larger small groups united around a shared mission.  

As the name suggests, Missional Communties are both intentionally MISSIONAL and purposefully COMMUNAL.   Outward focused they meet regularly in order to support and enable each other as they reach out to bless, serve and witness in the context that they share together.  

Although each of them are different and unique, their structure is broadly the same as they attend to the three dimensions of life that Jesus himself attended to:

  • Time with God (worship, prayer, scripture, teaching, giving thanks, etc)
  • Time with other believers building a vibrant and caring community
  • Time with those who don’t know Jesus yet.

Larger them the smaller Life Groups, they are mid-sized groups of people who want to make a difference in a particular area of life, or to reach out to a particular group of people, and who intentionally arrange the normal routines of their lives around this vision.