Joining a team

One of the best and the fastest ways of feeling part of the St Mary’s community is to join one of the many teams that make things happen.

Here is a list of some of the teams that you might like to think about joining.

  • Welcome Team
  • Set Up / Set Down Team
  • Communion Team
  • Visuals Team
  • Sound Team
  • Worship Team
  • Prayer Ministry Team
  • Flower Team
  • Children and Young People’s Teams
  • Pastoral Care Team
  • Hospitality Teams
  • Alpha Teams
  • Men’s Ministry Team
  • Jigsaw Team
  • Warden Team
  • PCC Team
  • Administration Teams
  • Centre Management Team
  • Reception Team
  • Buildings Team
  • Finance Team
  • Safeguarding Team
  • Staff Team
  • Senior Leadership Team
  • Communication Team