As a church we long to grow.  Not for growth’s sake, but because people matter.  We want as many people as possible to find salvation, life and freedom in Christ.  Specifically, we want to see hundreds of people becoming disciples over the next few years. We also want to grow in maturity.  Not simply in knowledge, but in wisdom and holiness.  We want to become more like Jesus.

We want to give ourselves away for the sake of others.  We are mindful of the many gifts and resources we have been entrusted with and we want to put them to good use for God and his Kingdom.  As a church we long to be a blessing to all we meet.  We dream of being a church where everyone of us is able to use their particular gifts and personalities to serve and bless our community, our city and our world.

As a church we long to see men and women grow in discipleship, leadership, confidence and ability as people of influence in the context God has placed them.  We offer a range of courses and learning opportunities to support people’s own development and growth.  We recognise the need for healing, forgiveness and restoration in us all.  We long for St Mary’s to be known as community where lives are changed.

As a church we long to be a church for and of young people and families.  We want to pass on our faith to the next generation and we will continue to make sure that everything we do enables them to hear, understand and take hold of the life God has for them in Christ.

As a church we long to be a church that supports parents in their primary role discipling their own children.  We are committed to doing all that we can together that enables our children and young people to flourish and grow in Christian faith and leadership.  We believe God has placed every parent exactly where they ought to be and we want to bless them in their crucially important and challenging role as parents.

As a church we long to see people who have never had a faith, who would never consider themselves religious, or who are ambivalent about Christianity, discover the power and life that comes from being a disciple.  We want to offer people a vibrant and full vision of life that is more attractive and more beautiful than the one on offer in the world at large.  We are committed to learning how best to communicate this message in as engaging a way as possible.

As a church we want to reproduce ourselves.  We want to grow new congregations, plant new churches and initiate and establish a multitude of new projects and programmes that further the mission of the church and exhibit the reality of the Kingdom of God.  Even when we are older in years, we want to play our part in new visions and dreams that God has for us.

As a church we long to be a community of deep relationships, accountability and generosity.  Life is hard and we want to be there for one another in the best and worst of times, enabling each other to live as disciples in every situation of life – birth, death, trauma, success, illness.  We want to grow in our our commitment to one another and we put a high value on our life groups, peer groups and missional communities.  

As a church we dream of being a community where everyone is known and everyone is heard.  We dream of being a family where the youngest and the oldest are included and involved.  We dream of being a people of integrity, generosity, humility, authenticity, enthusiasm and energy.  We dream of being a church of love.

As a church we are devoted to worshipping the living God with all of our lives.  We are dedicated to gathering together in worship each week where we pray, break bread together and receive teaching from Scripture.  We believe that the bible is a unified story that leads us to Jesus and we trust it as authoritative for how to live our lives.  We are determined to create space for the Holy Spirit to speak to us afresh and to breath life into us individually and as a group.  

The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. 

Jesus told us to seek the Kingdom of God above all else.  Above money, above success, above family, about sport, about happiness, above comfort.  Learning to live in the Kingdom of God all of the time, to have a genuine active relationship with God in Christ, to be led by the Spirit in all things, to abide in Christ in all situations – this is our ambition and goal.

This is what I see happening here.

This is our vision.

This is our future together.