From the very beginning women have been completely central to the vision God has had for how he would express his character and rule on earth. Your very being is made in his image and you were made to represent him in every fibre of your life and soul.

This vocation is, however, relentlessly under attack and there are many forces that want to reduce or injure this God shaped calling that you carry.

As a church we want every woman to know the God of love so powerfully and deeply that they are able to completely trust their lives to him and choose to arrange their lives, their thoughts, their relationships, their work, their heart’s desire, around God and his Kingdom.

This will mean different things for each of us, at each stage of life, or family situation, or work context. There is no one size fits all way of being a disciple of Jesus. But in this complexity we want to support each other in our various roles and help one another to remain in Christ and seek his Kingdom above all things. And to this end we encourage each other to form strong relationships of accountability, prayer and community, whether that is through Jigsaw (a mid-week gathering), Life Groups, regular women’s events, Formation Groups, or just through informal catch ups.